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Jamming on

Jamming on

Jamming on

Generative Art

Diving into code as a creative medium. Adventures in p5.js. Occasionally plotting on an AxiDraw SE/A3.

Yet Unnamed Geometry Library


Denver Generative Art

Cultivating a community of people exploring code as a creative medium.

"Work" projects

Design System Starter Kit

A library of minimally styled Figma components to kickstart or supplement design system projects

Figma Scripting Playground

A fun place to help designers learn JavaScript, explore the Figma API, and start making their own tools



William Gibson


Rian Hughes

The Dream Machine

M. Mitchell Waldrop

Recently faves

The Making of Prince of Persia: Journals 1985-1993

Jordan Mechner

Maeda @ Media

John Maeda


Design as Art

Bruno Munari

Current Mood

Five beats a day for three summers
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Norton King is a multidisciplinary designer exploring electronic means to humanist ends.
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