Generative Art

Concenteric Clock & Calendar

Feb 15, 2023

This sketch is made of two layers

  1. One to display time

  2. One to mark it

The first layer displays time. Each ring represents a time scale. Each ring has a hand (instead of an arc) to represent “now” in that time scale. Rings from the center outward:

  1. Seconds

  2. Minutes

  3. Hours (12, not 24)

  4. Day of the week

  5. Date in the month

The second layer displays bookmarks in time. It borrows from Superlocal, a 24-hour analog clock with 48 dimples, on which you can place little dots to mark the events and rhythms in your day.

Hovering over a dial exposes the markers. Clicking on a marker toggles it on or off

Minutes, hours, days, and weeks are always the same size, but months vary. Monthly markers reset on the first of the month.

(This project appeared in a larger talk about time and timekeeping)