Generative Art

Genuary 2023

Jan 31, 2023

"GENUARY is an artificially generated month of time where we build code that makes beautiful things.

It’s happening during the month of January 2023, and everybody is invited!

Over the 744 hours of January, for every 24 hours there will be one prompt for your code art."

I started making generative art in the summer of 2021. I missed Genuary 2022, but got around to it this year. I made 6 sketches before ultimately falling out of doing dailies.

January 5's sketches kicked off some interesting bezier curve explorations.

January 1
Perfect loop / Infinite loop / endless GIFs

January 2
Made in 10 minutes

January 3
Glitch Art

Faux glitch art. Lighter pixels fade and fall

January 4

These sketches came from not being able to learn how to do circle packing with lines in an afternoon. I then started going through this series of collision detection tutorials.

Line-line collision is not what I had expected it to be. To to clear, Line-line collisions is actually Line segment-line segment collision. To do segment-segment collision, you need to find the intersection point of two (infinite), then check to see if that intersection point lies on both of the line segments. Here's a sketch that shows what that looks like. It adds a "buffer zone" so "almost collisions" are treated like collisions.

The process here

Pack a circle with lines, then draw a faint point where the (infinite) lines intersect. Some circles packed randomly, the other with a flow field controlling the direction of the lines

I should revise these so the points get fainter as they approach the edge of the image, so we don’t have any of the harsh transitions we have here

January 5
Debug view

I took a sketch I made while trying to internalize how bézier curves work and added labels for everything