Generative Art

[WIP] Imaginary Topography

Feb 28, 2023

Progress so far

Current process

  • Set a grid of points

  • Use noise() to give the points a value

  • Create different layers by filtering out points below a threshold value

  • Use the DBSCAN function we just got working to create clusters of points in a layer

  • Use the gift wrapping function we followed some time ago

  • Repeat for all layers


  • Actually kinda digging the retro look snapping everything to grid gives, but for the next version I’ll want them placed randomly

  • Sometimes this crashes. Not sure why. When it crashes the console doesn’t works so I don’t really know what’s going on : /

To do

  • Learn to do concave hulls, because this is what we really want

  • Learn how to make B-Splines because they’re the softest and globby-est. p5’s curveVertex() uses Catmull-Rom splines and don’t look quite right for what I’m going for. Spline comparison

  • Get familiar with breakpoints to sort out these mysterious occasional crashes