Layer Namer

Feb 27, 2023

Do you find layer-naming a chore? Are you tired of being called out for "sloppy" design files? This plugin gives your layers nice, human names. It renames all the layers in your selection and all their children (and descendants)


  • Optionally choose a gender for first names

  • Toggle last names on or off

(Current) limitations

  • The plugin will rename all the layers in your selection, and all their descendants

  • The plugin will rename layers it has already named


For context, this guy on went a minor twitter rant about naming layers and memes ensued. One of the memes was someone that gave their layers people names like “Charles”, etc. then I thought “this wouldn’t take that long to turn into a plugin” and threw it together in an afternoon.

Interesting side note: Was feeling impatient, so I got ChatGPT to write code to turn html tables into .csv files to get the most common first names and surnames, and it got it right the first time.

Kinda funny that this first plugin came from a joke and not one of the way more useful scripts in the Scripting Playground file (that I started in the fall of 2019), but now that I’ve made and published something, making and publishing something else’ll come easier.